How to change the SMS app icon in the app settings

The new icon for the Sms app in the Settings app is confusing to users and has caused some confusion for a while now.

The new icons are not only different, but are also much harder to find.

To find the icon in Settings, you have to press and hold on the new icon until the icon changes from red to green.

If you don’t press the green button, you will get a pop-up warning.

The icon will then change to a red icon that is also different from the old icon.

To use the new Sms icon in apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and others, you need to make sure that the old one is also set to red.

Sms settings iconThe new icon is in the “Settings” section of the Settings apps. 

You will notice that the new icons for the app icons are also in the Syssettings section.

You will find the new version in the same place as the old version, but the name of the new one is different. 

To change the new symbol, you can go to Settings > Security > System > Sms. 

The new symbol is in yellow.

New poll shows Donald Trump is still losing to Hillary Clinton


— The latest USA Today/Gallup poll shows Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with a four-point lead over Republican nominee Donald Trump among likely voters, 46%-42%.

Clinton holds a four point advantage among men, 53%-39%, while Trump’s lead is among women, 55%-35%.

The latest numbers come from a national telephone survey conducted Aug. 7-10 among a national sample of 1,008 likely voters.