Aussie women’s rugby league players will be able to buy their own clothes

AUSTRALIA’S WOMEN’S RACES have been given the option of buying their own shirts in the coming months, following a significant increase in demand.

Key points:AUSTRALIAN Rugby League players will have the option to buy the shirts in 2017The NRL has also made changes to how it sells shirts, with players now able to pay for the shirt as a subscription or purchase it directly through its websiteThe AFL will be the first to introduce a subscription-only system for its own women’s teamsThe NRL will also be the last to introduce subscription-based models in 2018The Australian Rugby League (ARL) has unveiled changes to its retail strategy ahead of the start of the season, with the game’s chief executive David Gallop announcing the change in a statement.

The ARL has said the changes will allow it to sell shirts in a more convenient way for players and fans, with all ARL players having the option in 2017.

The ARl said players would have the opportunity to pay a monthly fee for their own shirt, which will be delivered by its website.

“We will be making the purchase of a shirt a subscription and not a one-off purchase,” Gallop said.

It will also enable the ARL to offer its female teams a “more convenient” way to purchase shirts, the statement said.

“Players who have bought shirts for their team can pay an extra fee for each shirt, making them more accessible to the game.

There will be a direct connection between the player and the team via an NRL-owned retail store and our Facebook and Twitter accounts.”

The announcement comes ahead of this year’s NRL season, which kicks off on Saturday night.

The NRL said it had made changes “to how it deals with the growing demand for shirt subscriptions”.

“While the ARLC is currently limited to selling shirts directly through the website, we are exploring the options to allow players and their families to purchase the shirt subscription on a monthly basis,” NRL CEO David Gallow said in a written statement.

Players will be offered the option on a first-come, first-served basis, with a limit of one shirt per player.

Fans will be allowed to pay the monthly subscription fee directly, or via their Facebook account.

ARL chief executive Gallop will hold a press conference on Thursday at 6:30pm AEDT.

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg said the ARRRL’s subscription model had been successful in attracting new fans to the sport.

“I believe that with this new revenue stream, ARL will be in a better position to continue to provide our fans with a high quality product, which is critical to the success of the game,” he said.ARL president Michael Jones said the subscription model was the only way to go for the sport, despite the growth in popularity of the women’s game in recent years.

“We have a massive amount of interest and support for our game, and it’s time for the ARRL to move on from this model,” he told Channel Seven’s The Week.

“The ARRL is the only club that has the option now to sell its shirt subscription.”

Jones said it was a matter for the club to decide if it wanted to continue the model.

“It’s going to be an interesting period to see how it develops,” he added.

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