US companies will pay €5m to help Ireland with SMR rollout

USA-based companies will be eligible to pay a whopping €5 million to help develop a national system of SMRs in Ireland, it was announced today.

The money will be split equally between the two Irish companies, SMRS Ireland and T-Mobile US, as part of the $1.8bn SMR package.

In a joint statement, US and Irish companies said they would continue to work with each other to “address the SMR challenges and identify the best paths forward”.

The announcement comes just weeks after US President Donald Trump said the country should consider the possibility of “more” US participation in the development of a national SMR network, which he said would allow the US to “take the lead”.

Mr Trump said he had received “positive” feedback on the potential of the initiative and it was now in the “best interest of the US” for the US and Ireland to work together to tackle the SMRs.

In March, T-Mo CEO Randall Stephenson said he expected to “start to see a lot of US companies involved in the SMRS” as the US began to develop its own SMR.

In the statement, TMT said it was pleased to partner with US companies and the SMRR is “an exciting opportunity to build a network that is a global leader in the field”.

“We are committed to helping the US government in developing a national network, and we believe that a common set of rules and standards will make it easier for the private sector to participate in the program.”