How to stop your sms service from being traced

The best way to prevent sms tracking is to delete the emails, chat messages and other data sent over email and delete any attachments, the company behind the popular service told ABC News.

Sms has been around since the early 1990s and has evolved to include online payment, email and social media services such as WhatsApp.

It is currently one of the top five services in the US, accounting for more than $600 billion in revenue a year.

Smi is now one of several major online services that use encryption to protect the data that users send and receive.

However, in an attempt to protect data from being sent around the world, Australian law requires sms services to encrypt messages, chat and other information before they are sent to the recipient.

“Australia’s privacy legislation requires service providers to take reasonable steps to prevent data from leaving the service provider’s network or being read,” a spokeswoman for SMi told ABC.

“The SMi team has recently been working with government and industry partners to review how we do this, to better support privacy, to address security risks and to make it easier for users to protect their privacy.”SMi, which is based in the Northern Territory, said it was “committed to a free, secure and accountable internet and will continue to work closely with industry to develop the best solutions for our users”.

But the company has received criticism for its use of encryption in the past.

In 2015, Australia’s Privacy Commissioner found that SMi had failed to properly protect its data, and the company was fined $7.8 million by the Australian Privacy Commissioner for breaching its obligations.