‘The Trump Show’ Star Is Making History with ‘This Is the End’

In the third season of “The Trump Podcast,” the first-ever scripted comedy series, the Emmy Award-winning, award-winning comedian, writer, producer and actor returns with an unprecedented three-hour comedy special on Netflix, the premier streaming service.

This is the end, says the show’s host, the actor and writer-producer Bill Burr.

“This is the finale.

We’re going to end this show,” he said in a video posted on Twitter on Sunday.

Burr is joined by his longtime collaborator, producer/star and former “Saturday Night Live” cast member and “Dancing with the Stars” winner, Bill Hader.

The special will air in select cities beginning on Monday, May 14.

The finale will be announced on Tuesday, May 15, the same day that the Emmy Awards are held.

This episode of the show will also be available for streaming on Netflix on Tuesday at 9 p.m.

EST, with a limited number of episodes available to purchase individually, according to Burr.

The show’s premiere episode, which aired in March, was the highest-rated original episode on the streaming service, and it was nominated for three Emmy Awards, including best comedy special.

Burr joins a list of comedians that have come out in support of the Emmys, including “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” host Matt Lauer, comedian Ben Feldman, “Late Night with Seth Meyers” host Stephen Colbert and “The Daily Show” correspondent Sarah Silverman.

In addition to Burr, the Emi Awards are hosting a special ceremony for the Emmy awards ceremony on Tuesday.

In a series of tweets on Sunday, Burr said the Emmie Awards “will honor the greats who have given us great work.

They have made us laugh, cry, and wonder what we can do.

We owe them everything.

#DancesWithTheEmmys” Burr also thanked fans for their support, calling them “the best in the business.”

“Your love and support is our most precious gift to our family and friends,” he wrote.

“We are so grateful for your love and your support.

Please join us as we honor the Emmies with the most important awards show on earth.”

The Emmy Awards have long been a source of contention for Burr.

He has been vocal about his displeasure with the Emmissions Awards and its structure, calling it “a mockery of the academy’s highest honors.”

Burr and his wife, actor and comedian Molly Shannon, have not returned to The Daily Show since the Emmits moved to NBC in 2011, after a short time at CBS, and they have yet to appear on the program.

Earlier this year, the couple made a joint appearance on the network’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to discuss their engagement.

“I think they’re making it clear to the world they’re not going to make a statement anymore,” Burr said about The Emmys in a tweet.

“They have gone from joke to joke, and then they’ve become a big joke to the audience.

It’s very funny, but it’s not funny anymore.

It has become a joke, a political statement, a slap in the face to the entire country.”

“This Is The End” will premiere on Netflix in 2018.

The Emi awards ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday at 7 p.s.m., followed by the ceremony for best comedy or musical special at 8 p.d.

Australia braces for big storms ahead of the Christmas break

A big storm is forecast to hit Australia by Christmas.

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The bureau said it was also worried by heavy rain to come, with the potential for rain showers to arrive at the weekend.

It said there could be some isolated flash flooding conditions for up a couple of days and it was likely the situation would worsen as the system continued.


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