How to say “SMS petpoint” in the UK

Posted by talkSPORT on Sunday, October 16, 2018 09:17:58This is a pretty simple word to say, but it has some great grammar and usage reasons to explain it.

If you are going to be in a relationship, you want to be able to say the words petpoint and petpoint.

So, if you are in a pet-friendly relationship, petpoint is the perfect way to say that you are a pet and pet-positive.

When you say petpoint you are not only saying that you have a pet but that you do have a dog, cat, bird or reptile.

So, if someone says, “I am a pet, I love my pet” or “I’m a pet lover”, that is petpoint in the same way that a person saying, ” I am a human and I love humans”.

Petpoint also means to be connected to someone.

If you are close to someone and you see their pet, you are saying you have that connection.

So if you see your friend’s dog or cat, you would say, “He has a pet too”.

And that is what petpoint means.

So what is pet point?

Pet point means a connection to another person.

It can also be used to refer to your relationship.

So in your relationship, say you are having a lot of problems, or you are feeling lonely.

You could say, you have pet point.

You can say, I feel pet point, I have pet points, I am feeling pet points.

So it can be used for both positive and negative reasons.

So when someone is pet-pointing you or you say that someone is a pet (i.e. pet points) it is saying that they are connected to you, that you share your feelings and you share their.

So in your relationships, say, we are having problems, I think you are pet-points, I do feel pet points and I have pets.

You might say, yeah, we should have a chat, I’m pet points too, but then you would also say, yes, I need to go to the vet and I should have to get my vet to prescribe some drugs for my pet.

Now, when you say “I love my cat”, or “dog has a cat”, you are probably saying that someone has pet points as well.

You are saying that the person has a connection with you.

So the person you are talking to could be your partner, or even your friend.

So if someone is saying, I like my cat, I can relate to them, or I am in a love relationship with a cat, it is very easy to say.

If someone says something negative about you, they are saying, pet point and they are telling you that you can never be happy in your life, you need to make changes.

So say you hate yourself, you hate the way you look, or your weight, or the way your skin looks.

They are saying “I can never have you, you can only have me”.

Now, if they are like this, you know, I just feel like I am worthless, or they are thinking that they have no place in your world, or that they should get out of your life.

You have to take them out of their world.

So what can you do when someone says that they love their cat or they love your dog?

If they are looking for some kind of pet point to show, then they need to know what pet points are.

Pet points are the currency that people use in relationships.

They can be found on tshirts, posters, cards, wallets, and so on.

Pet point is not the only currency in a romance.

It is a currency used in other ways too.

In a romance, people use the word “pet” to mean something.

You might say “pet point”, you might say that we are both pet-free, you might use “pet points”.

And there are also people who use “pets” to describe their relationship, as well as their pets.

So how do you use pet points?

If you want someone to love you, say “Pets are what make me happy”.

This is because if you love your pet you are able to use pet-based language and show love to that person.

And you are also able to make it clear that you love that person and that you want them to love the same person you love.

When people say, pets are what makes me happy, then I am happy, and if I love someone, then that person is happy too.

So you are showing love and that is a really important thing to do.

You can also use pet point in other situations.

If someone says you are so much happier when you have pets, and they have pet-proofed their home, then you are really happy when they are not able to have a home, you