Google to sell SMS app for Google Home device

Axios/Google is set to sell an SMS app to Google Home devices, Axios has learned.

Google is likely to make the move at some point, Axioms reports.

The deal would likely be announced in the coming weeks.

Google would not comment.

Google Home was announced last year at Google I/O and quickly became a hot seller.

Google made the move in 2017 to give its new home-enabled home appliances an SMS backup feature, which it claims is the most reliable SMS backup available today.

It also added a feature called Google SMS Backup, which is meant to make it easier for users to back up their phones to Google, so they can still use voice-based apps like Google Voice and Google Docs.

Google Home, Google Home Pro, Google Assistant, and Google Home Lens are currently all available on and Google Play.

The apps will be on sale for $99 each through Google’s app store, with Google Home for Home, Android and iOS versions on sale separately.

The app store will also have Android and iPhone versions of the Google Home app.