What is a shield smsh?

Posted March 11, 2018 08:24:25The name shield smsg is an acronym for “shields and security,” and it is the name used for a new kind of digital currency, according to the company that is building it.

A shield is a small piece of hardware that protects a cryptocurrency from being stolen or compromised by hackers.

The cryptocurrency can be a digital wallet, or a decentralized exchange.

A wallet can be used to store information, or trade coins for goods.

A new kind that shields the cryptocurrency from theft or compromiseThe technology is called a shield, and it comes in many forms.

A “shield” is the device that protects the cryptocurrency, and is essentially an “asset” that can be transferred, held and spent.

Shield smsg uses a combination of hardware and software to shield the cryptocurrency.

The technology allows the blockchain to be stored and tracked securely.

The blockchain is a set of computers that run the cryptocurrency protocol, and a key is required to sign transactions.

The protocol is a public ledger of all transactions made in the cryptocurrency economy.

Blockchain technology is also used in a wide range of applications, including a way to track transactions between banks and credit card companies, and how much of a bank’s reserves a customer holds in a particular account.