Facebook to launch video chats for Messenger, WhatsApp, YouTube and Instagram

By Suneet Shah | 16 Nov 2015 09:19:48Facebook has launched video chat functionality for Messenger and WhatsApp.

Users will be able to chat on Messenger using the voice command “send”.

The chat features include the option to send a picture, video or GIF.

Messenger will also be able send you a link to a video, and WhatsApp will provide links to a YouTube video.

The feature is not available on YouTube.

The feature will work with Instagram, which is a photo-sharing app, and YouTube, which offers video and audio-visual content.

Facebook has also said that the feature will be rolled out for other messaging apps in the coming weeks.

Video chat is something that WhatsApp has been working on for quite some time.

It has recently launched a new feature called video chat that lets users share their photos, videos and other media with each other.

WhatsApp had launched a similar feature in September last year.

However, Facebook has decided to push its video chat feature first.

The social network has announced that the app will support the feature later this year.

We’ve heard many times over the past few months that Facebook is looking to expand its video messaging services and now we finally have a solid date for that.

The new video chat features are not the first video-chat features that Facebook has added to Messenger in recent months.

WhatsApp also introduced video chat with Messenger back in October.